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Why the world needs more volunteers

When children, it is our parents who teach us how to help, share, and care for the others, but is seems that as we are heading into adulthood, this spot remains vacant. As if at once there is no more someone to show that there is always a kind thing you can do just for the sake of kindness.

Not all heroes wear capes

But I am wrong. There are such people who share their time for a greater good that they whole heartedly believe in. Volunteers are those who care beyond their immediate and personal needs and turn their massive and elaborate efforts towards the problems that concern not only a small community, but large nations. In the eyes of the general public being a volunteer means to sacrifice your time and welfare for some random cause that may never be solved, or shall never affect the smooth course of one’s life.

I can’t imagine something further from the truth; and to be honest, that is the thing mostly spread by people who can’t conceive to give something in return for only the feeling of helping. But why volunteering, you may ask. It is simple, my dear reader, as the answer in found in the human nature itself. The basis of our society lies in the ability to share and grow stronger together. This is how man emerged from a simple and powerless animal, to the force that he is today.

Our very nature is what makes us to care for others’ problems, to answer their calls for help, and reach for them in their distress. Volunteering is what takes us closer to the beings that we truly are: social individuals in need of help and capable to help others on their own.