Cabrillo Host Lions Club Of Aptos

Volunteering and the power of example

More often than not, people would only criticize all the problems and defects of their peers, their community, or society in general. Most of us are blessed with the capacity to observe the surroundings and judge them – we see the poor men on the streets, and do not want them to be as such; we see the garbage spread all over the places where should not be but grass or water, and we do not want it there. Yes, all of us know that something must be done, but frankly, how many would actually take some attitude?

Being paid in ‘thank you’ s’

Some would say that volunteering is a waste of time as it does not pay bills, nor does it brings any food on the table, so why even bother. And yet, there are those problems, those issues that can affect every member of the society and that are by no means a priority for any form of authority. This is where volunteering kicks in, gets things done and eases existence for everyone. Indeed it takes a gentle heart for the job as someone who can’t see the joy of helping will never be happy in this position. Most volunteers rejoice only at the idea of being part of something bigger than them, a thing that would change the world for better.

One of the most familiar sayings of Gandhi states that if you want the world to change, you should first try to find change within yourself – that is becoming the best version of yourself. As such, if there is a problem in this world, or if there is something that you know is should be changed, do not limit yourself to criticizing and condemning – you know you can do better.