Cabrillo Host Lions Club Of Aptos

District 4C6 Region 4, Zone 1 P.O. Box 94, Aptos


Chartered in 1961, the Cabrillo Host Lions Club of Aptos meets at the Aptos Park Clubhouse the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm.

Would you like to give back to your community and volunteer in the Aptos, Soquel, and Capitola Areas? The Lions welcome you to be our guest at a meeting. Contact any officer to enjoy an excellent dinner, speaker, and the club members who share your desire to help others.

President: Tim Piumarta
3780 Valera drive.
Soquel CA, CA 95073
Secretary: Dave Chamberlain
123 Meredith Court
Aptos CA 95003
Treasurer: Tom Schmida
200 Huntington Ct.
Aptos, CA 95003
Editor: Ralph Griffin
1776 Cox Road
Aptos, CA 95003
(831) 684-1108
1st Vice President: 2nd Vice President: Past President:
Steve Irving Rob Ewald Bob Madsen

Benefits of volunteering

People have always played an active role in the life of their communities and reached out to others in need. Due to the busy lives everyone leads these days, some individuals do not make time or have forgotten about the importance of their volunteering. Whether you help kids at the family shelter, or you volunteer at the cancer hospital in your area, the benefits are tremendous not only for those you assist, but for you also.

Become a member of the Cabrillo Host Lions Club and choose from the wide selection of programs or activities in your area. Invite one of your willing London escorts for a day at the retirement homes and spend some lovely moments together with the retirees. Because the beautiful ladies for company love networking, offer your pretty companion the chance to be surrounded by persons who have a big life experience and are open to new things.

For the romantic escorts from, nothing is more exciting than poetry. Your sexy lover from the adult entertainment will definitely enjoy a poetry reciting contest between you and her new friends. Win her heart over and over again with your poetic lines filled with passion that even your most pretentions London escorts could not ignore. Make new buddies with different backgrounds, professions, skills or hobbies and let them inspire you and your curious escorts with their rich knowledge.

Volunteers gain confidence and have a wonderful sense of achievement at the end of the day. With enviable motivation and enthusiasm, they are appreciated for their goodwill and are regarded as persons who can make a big difference to the world. There is no doubt that you can contribute to huge programs like disaster reliefs, animal habitats or political campaigns, but the little corner where you live can also benefit enormously from your good actions.

Everyone’s daily existence can bring them a lot of stress, tension and anxiety that will affect the loved ones. Take advantage of the volunteering projects in your region, reduce the effects on your psychological health and combat depression. Animals in general are a fantastic mood enhancer for humans and make them happier. Put yourself at the disposal of the animal rescue shelter and let the innocent pets melt your heart with their cute actions.

As experiences are precious for the development of one’s personality and behavior, show your children how good will they feel when they offer help and make a significant change to their community. No matter they see you in emerging countries where you aid the poor, or at the local charity event for the disabled, make certain you instill the magic of volunteering in their mind and work together for a better future.

Most volunteers make beautiful memories regardless of the place they go. No matter you clean up the park with your pals, organize kids’ activities at the art museum or raise money with your cooking skills, you will a good time with everyone you meet. Pay attention to the world outside your safe environment and challenge your abilities for a meaningful purpose. Find the right option for you and start your volunteering journey today!